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A large organization with servers at multiple locations and carrying out B2B transactions


IT Services are one of the strategic business enablers requiring stringent quality criteria. Being the back bone of business operations with an extended family of users ranging from suppliers, business associates, customers and even general public, any deficiency in service could translate into losses of enormous proportions. The successful operation of IT Services is critical not only to contain business losses arising from outages but also to avoid possible damage to the public image and brand value of business organizations. Most of the service quality issues arise from human errors and process failures.

Client Needs

Client felt that Investing in redundancies is no guarantee against system failures; only a systematic study and continuous improvement of quality of IT Services will be the most viable alternative.



Tasser Technologies Role

After careful study of internal and external customers and their expectations, Tasser Technologies designed and developed a system which

a Defines the matrices to be measured and determines the expected sigma level

a Measures the capability of the current processes in consistently delivering the key expectations

a Analyzes the root causes and segments them into rational groups

a Improves the process in a way that the processes can deliver the required parameters with predictable accuracy

a Controls the improved processes so as to sustain the level of improvement