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Leading Messaging Solutions Providers


The client was a world leader in providing messaging solutions serving the majority of Fortune 500 companies. To meet the growing needs of its customers , the clients wanted messaging solutions to be upgraded as a web enabled solution.

Tasser Technologies Solution

Tasser Technologies Team studied the product and the client needs in depth.

The existing product was based on client server technology. It was a robust messaging solution capable of translating events from multiple applications as messages. The users need to configure their schedules, notification media and escalation rules through a central system administrator. The product could handle delivery of messages to a wide choice of media ranging from e-mail, fax, pager, mobile, electronic display board and voice telephones. The software was highly scalable. With multiple threads it could handle large volumes of messages. The product was being constantly upgraded to accommodate new protocols being offered by the service providers and latest additions to messaging services.

Though the company has been enjoying patronage from its existing customers, it foresaw the need for upgrading its solutions as a web enabled one. The customers have been moving towards distributed solutions; browser based interfaces and web based architectures were taking over.

The time available was limited because of the competitive pressure. The product was tightly integrated with leading software solutions such as Network Management Systems, Asset Management Solutions and Helpdesks.

  Tasser Technologies Consultants offered a solution that could enable anytime anywhere operation of the messaging solution by substituting user-friendly Graphic User Interface based inputs instead of the cumbersome command line based operations. Instead of totally replacing the multifaceted backbone of the messaging solutions, Tasser Technologies suggested a Java Wrapper based Technology without the necessity to replace the time consuming redrafting of the codes developed over years. Tasser Technologies provided not only an event and configuration view but also a very highly useful reports and charts on message statistics, message service provider efficiency and user statistics. The configured data and event log in flat files could easily be shifted to popular RDBMS. User enterprises using multiple messaging servers could easily centralize the administration of event notification across the organization.

Tasser Technologies Role :

Tasser Technologies not only provided consultancy and design but also took up the challenge of developing the entire solutions with a tight time line to complete.

The result :

The client could cut down substantial time in taking the product . This has not only enabled the client provide the new solutions to the existing customer base but also extend it to a new genre of enterprise clients looking precisely for a similar messaging solutions .