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IT Organization of a Learning Services Provider


The client was one of the leading education services providers with a large number of clientele constantly interacting with the educational service hub on working days and holidays. The service network was fairly a large one with servers at different locations providing web way learning, offering B2C services for buying books online and managing the complete ERP operations. The client wanted a robust solution which will help him monitor the IT Infrastructure and Service Levels.

Client Needs

The client was having a large intranet and Internet operations with multiple servers . They had to manage a variety of equipments supplied by different vendors. Though they were having multiple Network Management Systems, each one was an island in itself. To make the matters worse, each system had its own paging engine none of them fulfilling the client's specific needs. Multiplicity extended to service providers like paging and internet service providers, nodes and server maintenance, application maintenance. Etc.

As the application running were mission critical, availability and latency were the key criteria in customer expectations.

IT managers did have a nightmare in managing the tough show so crucial to the growing business opportunities. They were looking for a solid solution, which will help them efficiently manage service levels and systematically enforce upon the service levels on its service providers. Managing the multiple network management systems like HP Open view , Tivoli and also Help Desk software along with configuring user and contact details through central IT administration and tracking events through multiple location was another challenge to tackle with.

  Tasser Technologies Consultants offered a solution that could connect all the users without having to approach the central administration .The solution provided a single window multiple updating possibility whereby the service personnel could easily update different networks they were managing . The solution also unified the alerts notification system which provided a common channel of delivering SMTP and SNMP messages emanating from all devices across the enterprise. The ingenious consolidation through a common descriptor language Tasser Technologies were able to obtain a variety of charts and reports at the mouse click on equipment availability , mean time to respond , meantime to resolve , message statistics such as volume of messages Average Time taken to deliver the message among the multiple service providers etc. making it possible to bench mark assets performance and services efficiency.

Tasser Technologies Role :

Tasser Technologies provided consultancy and design, took up the task of migrating existing information from scattered sources into a common platform, providing non intrusive message display and unified messaging solutions.

The result :

Immensely pleased with the relief the solution have provided , their IT mangers are now looking for further enhancements. The solution follows with another project of Six Sigma in IT Methodology based IT Infrastructure Service Improvement already on the drawing board of Tasser Technologies even the project was handed over.