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Large Migration projects involve painstaking study of current environment, business impact, people impact and technology impact. A typical software or platform migration requires considerable planning, understanding of limitations of standard software, building up custom tools and above all taking the stakeholders' confidence. The whole process needs risk assessment and risk mitigation plans at every stage of implementation.

Tasser Technologies team is adept at handling migration issues having a long history of handling the processes of shifting from legacy applications to packaged applications and from mainframe to high-end client server environments.

Tasser Technologies team has at times come up with surprisingly simple solutions for integrating legacy applications in the most cost effective manner without upsetting the apple cart and still achieving the benefits from the latest technology.

Tasser Technologies team exploits the full potential its software services back office at cost effective custom development of migration tools while the frontline engineers interact with the customer project team.

  In most cases, even as the detailed study and design specifications are drawn up during the day, the code gets developed overnight concurrently in the offshore development labs

-Typical Migration Projects

Platform Changes: Mainframe / High End Servers / Low end Servers

Database Changes: Foxpro / Flat File Systems / Sybase / MS SQL/ Oracle

Version Changes: Databases /Operating Systems / ERP Systems / Web Server

Server Changes: Sun Solaris / HP Unix / IBM AIX / AS 400

Web Server : Web Sphere / Web Logic / Tomcat / Apache

Data Migration; XML